Thanks for stopping by. I have always loved the outdoors and eventually started bringing a camera along on my surfing and traveling adventures. Photography slowly became a true passion of mine sending me on travels near and far. Growing up in Southern California, I had access to many unique desert and coastal landscapes.  Currently, the Bay Area serves as a home base for my many road trips throughout the varied and stunning environments of California. I'm always up for a good adventure and I'm often amazed at the locations photography leads me to. "Hey, It's better than sitting on the couch right?"

My artistic vision is to bring the viewer into the scene and to convey the feeling of the landscape as it felt in that moment. To convey that vision I employ the use of lens filters and the digital dark room, Photoshop.

All prints are available for purchase upon request. Please send an email including your contact information and I will begin the order process.

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